Henri and Its Impacts to Connecticut

Henri will bring significant impacts to Connecticut Sunday into Monday. No two storms are alike, that's why I won't compare Henri to Sandy, Irene, Bob or Gloria. The damage and destruction from those powerful storms will always be remembered by Connecticut residents, well unfortunately, we will be adding a new name to that list, Henri. Although Henri won't be the worst, it is still a very impactful storm that needs to be taken seriously.

Hurricane Warnings and Storm Surge Warnings have been posted for Connecticut

Some Facts: There hasn't been a landfalling Hurricane In southern New England since Bob in 1991 which made landfall in Rhode Island. Gloria was the last landfalling hurricane in Connecticut which was in 1985. Both caused massive destruction. Sandy never made landfall in Connecticut, in fact, it was New Jersey (Isn't that a scary thought) we all remember Sandy in 2012. And lastly, Irene which was actually the last time the National Weather Service has issued a "Hurricane Watch" for Connecticut was a Tropical Storm when it made landfall in Connecticut and that was in 2011.

Timing: Plan on bands of tropical downpours and thunderstorms to move in Sunday morning 4AM-8AM. Once it starts, it will only get worse as the day goes on and last roughly 10-15 hours with tropical winds and downpours. Worst of the weather looks to be 12PM-8PM. How bad? We'll get to that. Winds will start to pick up Saturday overnight and the worst winds will likely be Sunday late morning and into the evening. The rain will taper off early Tuesday morning but it will be gusty throughout the day on Monday, but again the worst winds will be on Sunday, especially the morning/afternoon.

Rain Impacts: Rain moves in 4AM-8AM and it will be VERY HEAVY rain for HOURS. But it will come in waves, at times we're talking blinding rain and other times not as heavy. The heaviest rain will occur between 12PM-8PM where at times the rainfall rate could exceed 1-2 inches per hour. I'm expecting flooding in low lying areas, major ponding on roadways and numerous flash flood warnings throughout the afternoon. Now, with the current track of Henri, the western half of CT (Use I-91 as a divider), will see the heavier rain amounts.

  • Western half of State could see 3-6+ inches of rainfall

  • Eastern half of State 2-4 inches of rainfall

  • Rain moves in 4AM-8AM

  • Heaviest 12PM-8PM

  • Lingering moisture will continue overnight Sunday into Monday but the heaviest will move away from CT

  • Rain will slowly end during the day on Tuesday

Wind Impacts: The winds will start to gust to 15-25 MPH as early as Saturday evening and start to get stronger during the overnight hours. By Sunday morning, 5AM-10AM, expect gusts to 50 MPH. Here's the scary part, with each passing hour, expect those winds to increase throughout the afternoon and into the evening. Peak wind gusts will be 50-70 MPH with the strongest winds along the shoreline and eastern half of state. It's not until after 8PM that the winds will SLOWLY start to relax but then they switch directions, which could cause more limbs to fall from the already broken trees. After midnight and into Monday, expect gusts 20-30 MPH.

  • Winds start to pick up Saturday evening to 25 MPH

  • By 5-10AM Sunday AM, gusts to 50 MPH

  • 12PM-6PM, Expect Tropical Storm gusts throughout the state (Over 39 MPH)

  • 12PM-6PM, Expect the strongest winds for shoreline and eastern CT

  • I'm expecting peak gusts between 50-70 MPH Sunday afternoon along the southern half of state

This is what concerns me the most with this storm, these winds are something Connecticut always has a tough time dealing with. Connecticut is over 50% forest. The expectation with this forecast would mean power could be out for portions of the state for days, not hours. PLAN AHEAD!

Storm Surge/Coastal Flooding Impacts: High tide occurs during the time when winds will be coming from the east, 10AM-2PM, big concern! Why? Cause easterly winds will funnel water into Long Island Sound with no where to go but up as it gets trapped in SW CT and NY. Also, SUNDAY morning there is a full moon. Expect storm surge 3 to 5 feet ABOVE normal high tide. Evacuate if told too, it WILL save your life.

Tips From Me: Listen, you still have tomorrow to prepare as Saturday will be a quiet weather day across the state.

  • Evacuate if told to do so

  • Gas up generators (Make sure you run them outdoors)

  • Take in any lawn furniture

  • Plan on being out without power for a few days, get food and water!

  • Don't go out driving! Trees will be falling and power lines as well!

Be safe everyone! If you have any questions about the forecast, feel free to text me if you have my number. If not, message me on facebook.

Meteorologist Kevin Arnone

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